Download WA Tweaker 1.6.4 Latest Version Apk For Android 2022

WA Tweaker is the Android application which helps the users to unlock the hidden settings which are available on WhatsApp. Today we are going to show you the way you can download WA Tweaker Latest Version on Your Android device.

WA Tweaker is developed by Alex193a which is one of the best developers who has developed this application to unlock the hidden settings which is available on WhatsApp. There are settings which help the users to bypass 7 seconds delete for everyone limits and many more other features.

Nowadays many mods are available for WhatsApp in which you can change the theme of the WhatsApp you can modify the look of your WhatsApp which is really good. This application is different which allows users to unlock the features which are not available or seen to the users.

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What is Chmod?

WhatsApp always keeps their settings hidden from normal users. If you want to enjoy these features then you need to be a developer. Now, these developers can unlock the hidden features by decompiling the application and that’s it!

Now, whenever WhatsApp receives the beta update at that time some specific permission are hidden and to unlock those feature WA Tweaker application is used to unlock those hidden features.

Chmod777 permission is used to unlock those settings in WhatsApp. You can enable those features using ApkTool to decompile the WhatsApp and then you can change the permission of the application.

In the case of WA Tweaker, you don’t need to do these decompiling and all but you can easily enable those hidden features with the help of WA Tweaker.

What is WA Tweaker?

WA Tweaker is the Android application which will help you to unlock the hidden feature of WhatsApp. You can simply enjoy these hidden features which are always coming in WhatsApp.

There are some guidelines which are simple and if you want to unlock the hidden features of WhatsApp then you need to make sure that you are using the latest beta version and much more which I will be telling you in this article.

What Does WA Tweaker Developer do?

The developer of WA Tweaker regularly checks the WhatsApp and see to it that is there is any new feature available in WhatsApp? If yes then the application is updated.

This is something which you will be notified whenever there is a new update available of WhatsApp and you need to make sure to update the application if you want to enjoy the application.

Regular WA Tweaker Updates

This application is updated daily you can bookmark our site to receive the regular updates it is simple and easy. If you have installed the application otherwise you will end up losing that hidden features.

The size of WA Tweaker is just 4 MB and this small package of this application can do a lot of tweaks with the WhatsApp and it works in the rooted Android device.

How WA Tweaker Works?

Now, if you want to enjoy this application then you need to make sure that you have installed the official version of WhatsApp.

If you have installed any other mod of WhatsApp which is having the different package name then you cannot run WA Tweaker on your phone.

WA Tweaker checks the package name of the application and it helps the WA Tweaker run properly on any phone and you need to make sure that you have installed the official version of WhatsApp.

Download WA Tweaker Latest Version Apk For Android

We provide the official WATweaker. We are just providing you direct links of the app. We have given full credits to the developer of the application and you can also donate him below given link in footer:) We will keep sharing direct links of the app.

Software Name WA Tweaker
Last Updated January 11, 2022
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 50,000+
App Size 4.1 MB
Developer Alex193a
Main Task Enable Hidden Features of WhatsApp
  • Be a part of Beta Program of WhatsApp you can join it from here: Beta WhatsApp
  • You may get the unknown source warning while installing the application just click on Settings.

Download WA Tweaker

  • Now, Tick the unknown sources warning and done. You don’t need to do anything.

Download WA Tweaker

  • Now, install the application on your device it will be installed perfectly without any issues.

Download WA Tweaker

  • Open the application and Grant the root permission of the application.

Download WA Tweaker

  • Now, turn on the Airplane Mode of your device.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp and now Force Stop the WhatsApp Application.
  • Open WA Tweaker and Enable all the hidden features of the application and done.

Send Files of Any Format On WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp, and you will see the new interface and feature of WhatsApp and done.
  • Now, turn off the Airplane mode and done. You have successfully activated the hidden feature WhatsApp

WhatsApp Theming:

WA Tweaker allows the users to theme their WhatsApp application. Now, here you don’t need to install another application if you want to theme your WhatsApp.

There is some customization which you will love it on your WhatsApp. You can change the colour combination of WhatsApp but you also need to make sure that you have installed the Xposed Framework on your device.

Now, this application works great if you are running any phone below nougat because Xposed framework adds a lot of settings in this application.

Customization of WA Tweaker

The best thing about this application is that it doesn’t consume too much memory. This app size is 4 MB and does a lot of tasks in just some clicks.

There are no mods available which help you to customize your official WhatsApp but with the aid of Xposed framework, you can do so with just some clicks.

You can also change the Emoji of your WhatsApp. If you are bored with the old emoji of WhatsApp, then you can install iOS 11 emoji on your phone. There are many features which can be done.

WA Tweaker V/s GBWhatsApp

WA TweaksGBWhatsApp
Unlock Hidden WhatsApp features before anyone elseYou cannot unlock WhatsApp hidden features
Root RequiredNo Root Required
No need of registrationYou need to register before customizaion
Regular updatesNo Regular updates
Less Privacy OptionsMore Privacy Options
No Internet Connection NeededNo Internet Connection Needed
Change Emoji You cannot change emoji


There are amazing features of the application which will help you to edit many settings in the application and just some clicks. There is a lot of tweaks available in which some of them can be found on WhatsApp, and some of them are yet to come which is great.

WA Tweaker is filled with a lot of features. We have listed out some of the best features which will help the users to unlock hidden settings of WhatsApp and also enjoy a lot of other features. Let’s dive into the features of WA Tweaker.

  • Regular Updates: Who don’t love new updates and new features. Basically, WA Tweaker comes with a lot of new features and updates every week. You cannot miss a single update if you are regular WhatsApp user.
    Less Memory Consumption: WA Tweaker size is 4 MB. If you will look into the features of WA Tweaker there are too many features which are available on WA Tweaker. You don’t need to worry about anything if you have installed the latest version of WA Tweaker on your smartphone.
  • Theming: WA Tweaker allows the users to theme their WhatsApp. If you are bored with the green theme of WhatsApp then you can change the theme of your WhatsApp. Theming of WhatsApp is really easy and you can do a lot of changes in WhatsApp.
  • New Hidden features: WhatsApp always comes with new hidden features which users can unlock with the help of WA Tweaker. If you have installed the latest version of WhatsApp beta then you can unlock those hidden settings on your phone. You don’t need to do anything on your phone once the settings are enabled you are good to go.
  • No Internet Connection Required: If you want to enable the hidden features of WhatsApp then you can easily enable those hidden features without an internet connection. You don’t need to spend a single penny on data connection.
  • Disable WhatsApp Calls: There are annoying friends who always keeps calling you. Why they won’t call you when WhatsApp allows you to call your friends for free. You can easily disable WhatsApp Calls with the help of WA Tweaker.
  • Download Status: Did you like your friends WhatsApp status? You don’t need to wait for sometime then you can download the status of your friends with the help of WA Tweaker.
  • Send Full Resolution Photos and Videos: If you are fan of WhatsApp. You might be sending your WhatsApp images to everyone. You might have noticed that image resolution is decreased. You can’t do anything because WhatsApp is compressing the images whenever you send the photos or videos. Now, if you don’t want WhatsApp to compress your images and videos then you can disable those settings and increase the quality of your images and videos.
  • Disable Images Send Limits: If you are a WhatsApp user then you might have seen that WhatsApp allows their users to send 30 images at once. If you want to disable this limit then you can disable these limits on WhatsApp.
  • Xposed Framework: Some users are a fan of Xposed Framework which allows the users to customize their WhatsApp. You can theme your WhatsApp. If you are a rooted user then you can’t theme your WhatsApp. You need to make sure you have Xposed Framework on your phone to enjoy theming. There are many more other features which you can enjoy with the help of WA Tweaker.
  • Increase Limits: You can increase your WhatsApp limits of videos, and documents. You can send them documents up to 1 GB. You need to make sure that your WhatsApp doesn’t get crash. There are chances that your WhatsApp get a crash. If you and your friend are having a high-end phone then you can enjoy this feature on your WhatsApp. If you want to permanently turn on this feature then you can install Xposed Framework on your phone
  • Group Admin Tools: Group admin Tools is the new feature which will help the group admins to enjoy new features. If they don’t want other users to post in their group they can enable this feature on their phone. This feature is still in beta stage.
  • Passcode Lock: WA Tweaker helps the users to password lock your chats and archive. This is easy and you don’t need to worry about anything. This tweak is available if you are using Xposed Framework on your phone. You can add a lock on WhatsApp without downloading some extra kind of application.
  • Remove Features: If you don’t like any feature on your WhatsApp. You can easily remove those features with the help of WA Tweaker. Suppose, if you don’t want users to call you then you can easily disable that feature on your WhatsApp.
  • Disable 30 Seconds Video Status Limit: WhatsApp allows their users to limit 30 Seconds videos limit. You can disable this option on your WhatsApp. You can use WA Tweaker to disable this feature. Disabling these features are as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Click 2 Chat: If you want to chat with your friends you need to save the contact and then message them. Long task right? What if you want to urgently send any message? Click to chat is another feature which helps the users to chat with their friends without saving their phone number.
  • Disable Big Emoji: You might have seen in WhatsApp, whenever you send any emoji to your friend the size of that emoji is increased. If you don’t like this feature you can easily disable it on your phone.


  • Root Required
  • Sometimes application crashes (Please send us crash reports)


  • If you are facing any issues while downloading the files or opening the application then feel free to comment below.


This way you can download the WA Tweaker latest version on your Android device. You can also download a similar application like YoWhatsApp on your phone which does exactly the same thing

I hope you like this application if any issues, then please feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out with your query.

Thank you for visiting and keep visiting for more tips and tricks like this, and I will meet you in the next one.

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  1. Stuck at checking root permissions.. My phone is rooted and I did grant root permission. Running cynogenmod 14.1 android 7.1.. that might be the isseu?

  2. After reboot it resets the settings. I mainly need the xposed settings like hiding the pesky voice note and camera button. Does hiding read function work? And has anyone been banned for it in history?

  3. I can’t hide “online” o r “typing..”. I want to be invisible.

    I always get “Something wrong”. Is it because I have blocked internet connection to your app? It says you don’t need internet connection.

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  5. I keep getting this information” It looks like your phone doesn’t have root permission. To use this app you must have them”

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  6. Hi Can you Please Tell me the Proper procedure to enable hidden features of any app by using APK tool.

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  7. Thanks awesome app … i hate the whatsApp internal player .. and use your app to completely disable it

    however the latest version doesnt work fine for this feature … where can i download the older version 2.4.9, please ?

    It would be great if you can please host the older versions too.

  8. Full long video status is got uploaded in WhatsApp status,
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